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Carpet tiles made
from plants?

The high oil content of castor beans is
extracted and used as the key ingredient
of bio-based nylon.

This minimises the use of petroleum based materials in Fotosfera.
bio-based nylon

Fotosfera is a pioneering collection made from a yarn with 63% bio-based content.

The key ingredient?
Oil from the seeds of the castor bean plants.
benefits to
rural farmers

Castor bean plants grow on marginal land where other crops often struggle, providing farmers with additional income – often fetching revenue over ten times what it costs to start the crop.
as ever

Our new Fotosfera collection gives you the same high quality performance you expect from Interface, ideal for heavy contract applications, yet it's made out of rapidly renewable materials.
Fotosfera Structured and Fotosfera Micro

Fotosfera consists of two designs –
Structured and Micro – both available
in eight co-ordinating colourways.

Fotosfera comes with Cool Carpet® and TacTiles™ as standard.

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